MANILA, APRIL 16, 2011 (BULLETIN) By NEIL RAMOS (PHOTO - All's well that ends well between Jim Paredes and Bongbong Marcos, who just recently took to exchanging heated Tweets)

MANILA, Philippines – Popular networking site Twitter once again proved itself a hotbed of controversy following a user's recent malicious tweet that ignited hostilities between Senator Bongbong Marcos and musician Jim Paredes.

The brouhaha apparently began Monday, April 11 after Twitter user @DearNoynoy posted an incendiary message directed towards the senator's Twitter account, @bongbongmarcos.

It read, "Huwag mong papayagang mailibing ang nagkukunyaring bayaning Ferdinand Marcos sa Libingan ng mga bayani."

Surprisingly, the Ilocano senator took time to reply to the tweet with a strongly worded message, saying, "Nagkukunyari?" Galing sa iyo, nakakatawa ka; ni di mo mailagay iyong tunay na pangalan at litrato. No time for cowards (duwag)."

@DearNoynoy's replied to the message but this time included the accounts @momblogger, @jimparedes and @kikopangilinan prior to writing his tweet that read, "Hinaharas ako ni @bongbongmarcos. saan galing ba ang lahi nito? puwede bang makahingi ng tulong?"

The post elicited yet another quick retort from the senator, who wrote, "@DearNoynoy @momblogger @jimparedes @kikopangilinan Haha! You just confirmed your cowardice."

The message reached Paredes, who promptly sent an acerbic rejoinder that read, "@bongbongmarcos Return our money."

Marcos replied to Paredes, directly posting, "@jimparedes I understand that you have made a career of 'people power' so I'm not surprised that you need to play the role. It's work."

A little later Marcos added, "I can't waste time arguing w/ some1 that put himself in the league of Luna and Rizal simply coz he lived abroad. Have a good day y'all!"

In an interview with PEP, Paredes admitted ownership of the account @jimparedes and that he indeed wrote the message to Marcos.

"Sumagot ako based sa nabasa ko. If what I'm thinking is right, nagkamali siya kasi nabasa ko 'yun sa isang tweet niya na kasama lahat," said he.

He had doubts about Marcos' intentions [to hit back at him], however, after deducing that the senator might have tweeted him erroneously. "Sabi ko, 'Teka, baka hindi ganun 'yun'," he said.

Realizing that Marcos may have sent the rejoinder accidentally, Paredes claimed to PEP that he immediately tweeted sorry to the former and that he also decided to protect his account by making it private.

"I am not sure if I made it [the apology] an open statement or answered someone who clarified the situation to me, but I did not send it to Bong since I do not follow him ....Tumira pa siya ulit. Pero di ko na pinansin," said he.

Clearly, Paredes is not eager to continue the Twitter war.

"It started as an unintentional… mali 'yung ginawa niya, e. I don't think anybody wants to fight based on [something] unintentional [or] mali, e, 'di ba? Twitter [users] were expecting a battle royale and were egging me [on] but I said, sorry to disappoint you but it's not gonna happen."

Paredes' apology got through to Marcos, though, and the latter accepted via Twitter.

He posted, "I just read a story that Jim Paredes did apologize due to a misunderstanding however, I never did see it and now that i've just read that he did, I accept his apology and likewise extend my apologies.

"I do not use twitter to quarrel with people and I assume he doesn't either. I realize this will not change his political views that at times oppose mine but that's fine. Not everyone agrees with either him or me and we're both mature enough to know that.

"Having said that, as an aside, I might as well let him know that whatever his politics is, that never changed my opinion about how I've always liked the music of Apo Hiking [Society].

Explaining himself, Marcos said he meant to address his messages to @DearNoynoy only, but describing himself as a "semi-ignorant" user, he admitted to mistakenly sending the message to Paredes as well.

"I called only one person [@DearNoynoy] a coward by clicking on "Reply" to his tweet to me and saying my piece. Am I supposed 2 remove other names HE included in his tweet to me? I ask this earnestly," he tweeted.

Marcos was then enlightened by fellow Twitter users.

"I've asked people here exactly how some features work here in Twitter and the numerous answers I received also had different opinions on the subject so now I know, misunderstandings can easily occur here in Twitter," he posted.

It isn't known who owns the @DearNoynoy account but as of this writing the user continues to comment on various topics including the rising prices of basic commodities, the "Willing Willie" incident, among others.


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