MANILA, APRIL 19, 2011 (TRIBUNE) Noynoy is hellbent on laying all blame on his claimed political enemies for his and his administration's failure to govern competently or even rid his government of corruption.
That he is hiding his utter failure as a leader and president of the republic by blaming his political foes and critics is fairly clear, especially when he continues with his hate campaign and directing all this against the Ombudsman, pressing her removal through a Senate conviction.
Yet when analyzed, just what will the removal of the Ombudsman and her deputies, as well as her special prosecutor really achieve? Will their removal rid his government and the nation of corruption? Hardly that, since those whom Noynoy is targeting are out of power and position today, and it will take years, if at all, for their trial and sentencing. The former allies of Arroyo, who are now Noynoy's allies in Congress and even in the executive branch, are still in power and position, but would not be touched since thy will be protected by Noynoy and his administration.
Surely Noynoy can't be saying that with the removal of the Ombudsman, corruption in government will come to a halt. Yet that is exactly the message he is trying hard to convey, as his justification for getting the Ombudsman and all of Noynoy's political foes jailed.
Cory, Noynoy's mother, went into the same hate campaign against Marcos and his allies, but corruption thrived under her presidency.
What is more likely to happen, should the Ombudsman be removed by the Senate through a conviction, is for Noynoy to now appoint a new Ombudsman who will then be protecting him and his cronies and allies from prosecution. This will of course be denied by Noynoy, but the fact is, whoever is appointed Ombudsman by any incumbent president, toes the Malacañang line. The various Ombudsmen's track record proves this — from Ferdinand Marcos' time, to Cory Aquino's time, to Fidel Ramos' time and no doubt, to Noynoy's time, when he appoints his own Ombudsman.
The irony of it all is that, for all of Noynoy's talk of getting rid of corruption through the removal of Merceditas Gutierrez, she, although impeached by the House and set to face a Senate trial, is not being charged with graft and corruption. Neither for that matter, are the deputy Ombudsman and the special prosecutor being charged for corruption.
How then can their removal be the answer to ridding the government of corruption when it is now the Noynoy government that is in position of power.
It is no longer the Arroyo government, no matter the corruption that went on, but the Noynoy government that is in power and position, and as such, the President and his administration must not only show leadership but also start resolving the problems plaguing the nation and getting rid of the corruption in his government. Portraying himself and his administration as clean and honest does not detract from the fact that there exists corruption in his government, too.
The fact that Filipinos see through this ploy of Noynoy to hide his failure at governance through the hate campaign against his political foes, can be gleaned from the various surveys that show his and his administration's failure in so many aspects — whether through job generation, curbing inflation, and curbing the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, along with his plunging approval and satisfaction ratings.
Even economic growth has dropped, from a high of 7.8 under the Arrroyo administration to some 7 percent under the Noynoy administration, and shrinking further to an estimated 5 percent. He can hardly claim that corruption under the Arroyo government caused the shrinkage in growth, as the shrinkage is now noted under his administration. And worse, Noynoy has nothing to show for any improvements in his incompetent presidency and administration, with 10 months gone.
The way Noynoy and his boys are doing it — blaming all the ills of government on the past government and corruption — what is more likely to happen is that once the Ombudsman is removed, corruption will even be more massive under the Noynoy government as he and his allies will be protected. And he will have no one to blame but himself.

Chief News Editor: Sol Jose Vanzi
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